Griff manufacture a complete range of top quality webs designed for a wide range of machines used in all operating conditions.


We have launched our latest High Strength Joiner at LAMMA 2011 designed by our engineering division who are focused on increasing the durability of our webs. This newly developed joiner known as the ‘Enduroloc’ has been specially modified and strengthened to deliver considerably increased performance.

Use of the new ‘Enduroloc’ can say goodbye to the old problem of replacing joiners several times in a season. Suitable for all applications whatever the conditions ‘Enduroloc’ has been tried and tested in possibly the most arduous situations ie. de-stoning. Griff’s webs are second to none and with the addition of the ‘Enduroloc’ have now become a real must for any farming operation intent on maximising efficiency.


For over a century Griff have manufactured and delivered the best in agricultural wearing parts worldwide. Griff are proud of the working relationships it has built with customers both old and new. Accepted for proven reliability over the years Griff is a supplier to most of the leading machinery manufacturers.